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Sample Agreement: Everything that we promise is in writing and we will always provide all documentation and invoices at the end of the repair.


Georgetown Collision

Deductible Exchange Agreement


I, Jim Smith understand & agree that my insurance deductible is $ 500.00. I am choosing to participate in Georgetown Collision’s Deductible Exchange Program. Georgetown Collision has agreed to barter $500.00 of my deductible and in return I agree to the following quid pro quo:

  1. I will sign a pay directive so that Georgetown Collision will be paid direct by my insurance company for the repairs to my vehicle.
  2. I will immediately sign over any insurance proceeds that I may receive for the repairs to my vehicle, so that Georgetown Collision may utilize the funds for the cost of the repair to my vehicle.
  3. I will write a fair and honest review about my experience with Georgetown Collision when I pick up my vehicle and post the review on Google and agree that I will not change the review at a later date. If I should choose to change the review at a later date, I agree that I will immediately reimburse Georgetown Collision the full amount of my deductible per my insurance policy.
  4. I agree that if at any time I interact with the staff of Georgetown Collision in a manner that is belligerent, abusive, threatening, harassing or otherwise unprofessional; I will no longer be eligible for deductible exchange program and will owe the full amount of my deductible per my insurance policy.

By signing this agreement, you accept all terms above. You are not required to participate in the Deductible Exchange Program.

By signing this form, you agree to pay the full amount of your deductible per your insurance policy should you choose not to leave a fair & honest review when you pick up your vehicle, and/or to honor the signed deductible exchange form in full. Georgetown Collision values the services you have agreed to provide at $500.00 US currency. Therefore, this agreement is an exchange of services between Georgetown Collision and the vehicle owner and once the agreement is fulfilled, both parties are considered paid in full in this matter.


Signed and executed this date, January 2, 2020.


Jim Smith                                                                                                  Jim Smith

On behalf of vehicle owner                                                                    Printed Name


Scott Starkes                                                                                             Scott Starkes

On behalf of Georgetown Collision                                                      Printed Name



*Fair and Honest Reviews – You are agreeing that a fair & honest review may detail the quality of the repair, honest assessment of staff interaction, etc. A negative review based the following will be considered a breach of this contract: (1) How long your vehicle was in our facility. We cannot control the time that it takes to repair any vehicle, nor can we promise any completion date as there are too many variables involved in this process such as parts delays, insurance delays, weather delays, etc. If any staff member guarantees a completion date when you drop your vehicle off for repairs, please ask to speak with an owner. (2) That your scheduled completion date changed during the repair process. Initially all vehicles are scheduled out 30 days from the date that the vehicle arrives. Once we actually begin work on your vehicle, that date will be updated. Your repair may be a 5-day repair, but you will initially have an out date of around 30 days from the drop off date. Once we get everything approved with your insurance company and all parts are in stock, the date will be updated to a more factual date. Please don’t get frustrated with these changing dates. (3) That your call was not answered by a staff member when you call. It is our goal to return all missed calls by the end of the business day that you call on. Please understand that we are a body shop, and our staff is often in the shop dealing with insurance adjusters or customers. We cannot always answer a call the minute the call comes in, which is why we have a receptionist to answer all missed calls and take messages. You may also email or text our staff. Ask for your estimator’s cell phone if you would like to have texting available to you during the repair process.