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Phone number: 512-212-4991

Call us today!

Phone number: 512-212-4991

How long will my vehicle be in the shop?

There is no way for us to know that when you drop off the vehicle. If anyone at our facility gave you a promised completion date when you dropped off your vehicle, they should not have done so, and you need to (a) disregard that information, and (b) email me and inform me of this so that I can address it internally.

My goal is not to repair your vehicle QUICKLY. My goal is always to repair your vehicle CORRECTLY.  

Most vehicles are in this facility around 30 days. Once again, most vehicles are in this facility around 30 days.

Some vehicles are here 45-60 days. Rarely do we have a vehicle here more than 60 days, but it does happen from time to time if we have issues with the insurance company or issues with parts, etc.

I tell every customer to plan on their vehicle being in our facility for 30 days.

Please do not call after your vehicle has only been here for one week and ask if your vehicle is ready. You are welcome to call for an update, but do not expect your vehicle to be ready if it has only been in our facility for one week.

Expect 30 days for the repair.

We will call you if there are any issues or concerns, or if your vehicle is going to be ready sooner or later than the 30-day expectation.

We do not call and give updates on a daily or weekly basis.

We WILL call if there are any issues that you need to know about, or if your vehicle is going to be ready sooner or later than the anticipated 30-day expectation.

Georgetown Collision is one of the largest collision repair facilities in the United States. If we called to give daily or weekly updates on every car in our facility, we would not be able to get any work done as we would be on the phone all day long.

Please try to understand that your vehicle manufacturer built and designed vehicle with maintenance needs in mind. As an example, an engine can be replaced in just a few days. An air conditioner can be fixed in a few hours. These are maintenance issues that your vehicle manufacturer expected and built your vehicle with accessibility and efficiency in mind. However, your vehicle manufacturer did not build your vehicle to be wrecked in an accident and to make it easy and fast to repair after the accident. Your vehicle manufacturer made your vehicle to be safe in the event of an accident and for you and your passengers to live through the accident. Repairing the vehicle back to preaccident condition is a very long an involved process. There are many parts involved and many safety issues to address. Therefore, it takes much longer to repair a vehicle after a collision accident than it does to perform normal maintenance on a vehicle suc

h as changing an engine out. We also have to be in communication and often wait days or weeks for your insurance company to approve the repairs. We are required to work with the guidelines of your insurance companies’ policies to obtain approval, so the process can take a while.

We are very good at what we do and we respectfully request that you will allow us to do our job which is to correctly repair your vehicle so that it is back to pre-accident condition, and to make certain that you and your family will be safe in the vehicle for as long as you may own it. If you are in a rush to get your vehicle repaired and back to you, Georgetown Collision is not the collision repair facility for you.

However, if you want your vehicle repaired correctly, with only genuine new OEM (manufacturer made and specific parts), and by professionals who care about what we do because what we do protects you and your family; then you have found the right shop!

Our repair process is as follows:

Intake – The day we receive your vehicle we start the intake process. We photo document the vehicle inside and out, to document the damage to the vehicle as well as any unrelated prior damage such as broken windshields, door dings, etc. We input all the ownership and insurance data into our software and create a repair order for the vehicle. This process takes 1-2 business days.

Teardown / Blueprint – Once we have completed the intake process the vehicle moves to the teardown and blueprint stage. We remove all the damaged parts and write a complete estimate and assemble a parts list for the parts department to order all the needed parts. This process takes 3 business days on average.

Insurance Hold – Once we have completed the teardown / blueprint, we email our photos and estimate to your insurance carrier for approval. This process can take anywhere from 3-14 days depending on the insurance company. The average time for this process is 5 business days.

Parts Hold – Once we get approval from the insurance company, we order all the parts. In most cases we receive all the parts in 3-5 business days after ordering. However, there are times that parts are on backorder, and we have waited as long as 45 days for all parts to arrive. That is very rare, but possible. Keep in mind, we only have one source to get parts and that is from the vehicle manufacturer. So, if they don’t have the parts available, we have to wait for them to produce more parts and ship them to us. Vehicles do not move to production until all parts arrive at our facility.

Production – Once we receive all parts, we put the vehicle in production. On each estimate that the insurance company writes, there are repair hours listed. A good rule of thumb is that production will take 1 business day for every 5 hours on the estimate. If your estimate has 50 hours of repair time assessed, the repair will take on average 10 business days. Once you add in the weekends, that becomes 14 days to repair.

Delivery – We will contact you to schedule delivery when the repairs are complete.

As previously stated, plan for your vehicle to be in the shop for an average of 30 days. Your vehicle could be completed much sooner or much longer, but the average is 30 days regardless of the damage to the vehicle. It is the process that takes time, and the process is the same regardless of the amount of damage.

Also remember, my goal is not to repair your vehicle QUICKLY. My goal is always to repair your vehicle CORRECTLY.

What do I do if the insurance company mails me the check for the repairs, or direct deposits it in my account?

If you signed the deductible exchange agreement, then you are obligated to turn over the proceeds to us immediately. Simply give us a call and we will plan to pick up the check. If you did not accept the deductible exchange agreement, then you will simply bring certified funds the day you pick up your vehicle. If you receive payment and do not contact us to have the check picked up or drop it off, you will be removed from the deductible exchange program and you will owe your full deductible when you pick up your vehicle. We have had customers that did not want to give us the insurance check until we complete the repairs on their vehicle. That is fine and I have no issue with that. However, you will not be eligible for the deductible exchange agreement if you choose to pay upon completion of repairs. We utilize these funds to buy parts and pay labor for the repairs to your vehicle. If I must pay these costs from my operating capital, then I cannot offer you the deductible exchange agreement as my operating cost are increased and these costs must be passed on to you.

I have called several times and it is difficult to get in touch with my estimator, why?

We are a collision center, not a retail store. Our employees, especially estimators, spend the majority of the day AWAY from their desk. We are either in the shop or with clients 80% of the day. We cannot always answer a call the minute the call comes in, which is why we have a dedicated customer update line. When you call our main line, 512-212-4991, choose option 3.  The following options will be made available to you:

  1. Leave a message on the status update request line
  2. Email us for an update at
  3. Go to our website,, and click on the link “Status Update Request” and complete the form
  4. Download our App for android or I-phone and utilize the App for updates

We welcome your phone calls and/or emails, but please keep in mind that repairing a vehicle takes time and phone calls or emails will NOT speed up the process. Vehicles are not made to be wrecked and put back together. Vehicles are not made from Lego blocks. Every vehicle has thousands of parts and it is a time-consuming process to repair a vehicle so that you and your family will be safe driving the vehicle for years to come.

Repairs take time!

Plan on your vehicle being in the shop for 30 days.

Don’t make plans to travel using your vehicle during this process. Plan on using a rental vehicle or a family member or friend’s vehicle for travel plans.

We WILL NOT rush the repair under any circumstance, we value you and your family’s safety far too much to rush the repair.

My rental vehicle company called and said my rental is up and I need to return the vehicle, what do I do?

Do NOT return the vehicle! Call or email us immediately and we will work with your insurance company to get the rental extended. Don’t panic, just call or email us, and let us solve the problem!

Do you take shortcuts on the repairs since you are bartering my deductible?

Absolutely not! Quite the opposite actually. We perform every operation on the insurance estimate and generally even more. Most insurance companies are going to assess aftermarket parts on their estimates, to save money. We don’t use aftermarket parts, ever! We buy only OEM parts made by your vehicle manufacturer, at no additional cost to you. We also often perform courtesy repairs if there are unrelated dents or dings where we will be painting anyway, at no charge to you! Why? Because we want your business for life, not just this one repair, and these small gestures is what makes us different than the corporate shops.

Do I have to sign the Deductible Exchange Form?

Absolutely not! The Deductible Exchange Program is an option that we offer our clients. You may opt out and simply pay your deductible, and you will still receive all the benefits that we offer our clients.

Do you have loaner cars, or do you help pay the cost of a rental car?

No, we do not have loaner cars available, nor are we able to pay for a customer’s rental car.

Hopefully you will have rental coverage on your insurance policy. If you are unsure, we can find out for you, just call us.

OEM parts questions.

Yes, we only use OEM parts regardless if the insurance company pays for them or not. This is our choice because we want to repair the car correctly.

We will not pass that cost on to you! You will have zero out of pocket expense at all for OEM parts being utilized!

Thank you for trusting us with your vehicle and your safety.

Scott Starkes

President / CEO

Georgetown Collision