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Georgetown Collision

Repair Authorization Form


Most estimates performed prior to disassembly of the vehicle are not accurate because of the probability of hidden damage. Therefore, it is our practice that accurate estimates of the cost to repair, as well as the expected time to complete repairs, are not made until we have disassembled the area of damage to your vehicle.

Our normal process is as follows:

Obtain your approval for us to repair your vehicle and to negotiate with your insurance company if required.

Itemize all visible external damage.

Photo & video document all unrelated prior damage to the vehicle (i.e. Broken windshields, etc.).

Disassemble the damaged area to locate hidden damage.

Itemize the previously hidden damage and predict the likelihood of any additional damage.

Contact your insurance company to request re-inspection and approval for the additional work.

Georgetown Collision follows its own repair procedure to ensure a quality repair backed by a written lifetime guarantee. Some differences may exist between our exact repair process and the procedures outlined on insurance company estimates. By signing this document, you authorize Georgetown Collision to utilize the repair methods that Georgetown Collision believes to be the most effective repair method. This will often deviate from the insurance company estimate by repairing versus replacing parts, replacing versus repairing parts, and/or sourcing alternative parts than what may be listed on the insurance company estimate.

If Georgetown Collision does not repair your vehicle, there will be a charge for any labor performed in regards to disassembling and estimating the damage, restocking fees for the preordered parts and/or materials, storage for the time the vehicle was in our possession, and any other fees reasonably incurred by Georgetown Collision related to your vehicle. In the event the vehicle is deemed a total loss by the insurance company, you authorize the release of the vehicle to the insurance company or the insurance company’s designated vendor. Georgetown Collision will remove any personal belongings and store them until you can redeem them.

All charges for repairs must be paid when the vehicle is ready for delivery. In some cases, it requires your assistance by following up with the insurance company to make sure they make timely payments.

You authorize Georgetown Collision to be paid direct from your insurance company for the entire repair estimate.

You authorize Georgetown Collision to endorse your name and deposit in our account any insurance checks made for the purpose of paying for repairs and/or expenses for your vehicle.

We accept all insurance checks, business checks, personal checks, money orders, cashier’s checks, cash, and credit/debit cards. There is a 4% fee on all credit/debit cards.

Georgetown Collision will do its best to prevent delays in the repair of your vehicle, however, it is important to understand that parts and insurance delays are sometimes beyond our control and we cannot be responsible for them.

Georgetown Collision does not provide status updates immediately when a customer calls to request an update. All customers calling for updates will be transferred to our dedicated status update line where you will hear a list of options of how to obtain a status update. This policy has been created to streamline the process so that we can ensure that all customers are able to get real-time updates within one business day.

Georgetown Collision is not responsible for repair delays for any reason and will not be liable for any rental fees.

Employees of Georgetown Collision and its sublet vendors may operate your vehicle on the roads for testing, moving, or pick-up/delivery service, for you and your vehicle. Also, during the repair process your battery will be disconnected which may result in loss of preset functions. We also may utilize toll roads when driving your vehicle. We will reimburse you for toll charges if you send us the bill.

I hereby authorize the repairs of the vehicle, as referenced above, and acknowledge that I understand all of the above. This is my full authorization for Georgetown Collision to complete the repairs needed according to their repair methods. Georgetown Collision is not responsible for the security or condition of any personal property left in the vehicle. An express mechanics lien is hereby acknowledged on this vehicle to secure the amount of repairs thereto.